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By Abby Baker

Medium: acrylic on raw canvas and wood frame

Size: 23.25" x 19.25"


Artist Statement:

When telling someone you fell "Just Dandy", there is an underlying feeling that is being masked by the joyful smile you put on. While this painting has bright blues and the field of dainty flowers, it also has an underlying sense of sadness and gloom. It's abstract and expressive brush strokes play with the idea that this field just came out of a rainy day and blue skies are on the horizon. This play of emotions is meant to relate to its viewer. While some see a happy painting, others see the depth of sadness that is being masked. Either is right, and all is represented here.

Just Dandy

  • Just Dandy is currently submitted to an exhibition and is not for sale. Please stay tuned on when she will be ready to purchase! 

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