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Looking for a unique experience for your customers, or guests? Let's give them the experience of art!

You can now book Abby to come live paint!


What is Live Painting? 

Live painting is a great way for Abby to paint in front of a new audience while also providing a unique experience for your shop, restaurant, bar, or event! She will create a new painting on-site inspired by the location or business she is hired by. Each painting is unique and will be in her impressionist/abstract style, with a composition that is organic and of nature! 

Who can book this offering?

We are very open to new opportunities and eager to hear what you have in mind! Whether you have a shop, restaurant, brewery, event, etc... we want to hear from you! If you are wondering if we can accommodate your space, please fill out the below form and Abby will get back to you soon. 

Where does Abby travel to?

Currently we travel around the central, Ohio area. If you are further than 30 miles away from Columbus, please feel free to send in your request and we will see if we can accommodate you!

How much room does Abby need?

Our set-up is small! With one easel, a small table, and chair, we should only need about 3' x 3' space. Squeeze us into a patio space, corner spot at your event, or where ever you think is best! 

What are the costs?

Cost vary depending on the hours you would like Abby to paint, size of the painting, and type of event. Fill out the below form, and we will send you more cost information!

Can you select the composition?

Creativity is our speciality and we love having our creative freedom! One of the biggest inspirations Abby pulls from is color, and she would love to know if you have a color in mind for the painting she creates! For the composition, Abby's style is impressionist/abstract, utilizing organic settings like florals and nature! 

Who can purchase the painting?

Anyone! The painting will be posted on social and listed on our online shop 24-48 hours after the event. If you would like to purchase the painting before listed on the shop, please notify Abby in advance so she can provide you pricing! 


Please fill out the below form and Abby will get back to you in 24 hours :) 


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