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Welcome to oiseau! An art lifetsyle brand by Abby Elise Baker.
To get us started let us first explain what oiseau means...

Oiseau is a French word that means bird. It's pronounced in two syllables,  wa and zo, together making it sound like wa.zo. Still need some help? 
Here ya go!
In 2022, the idea of oiseau came to Abby when she was looking to expand her art business into something that was beyond selling her own work. In 2023, oiseau launched as an art lifestyle brand, that's inclusive of a blog, design services, online shop, and beyond! We come from a place of creation and want to help inspire others, close the gap between artists and their communities, break the boundaries of art as a career, and show others how to artfully live their life.


My art journey truly began in college. As a student at the University of Dayton, I found myself needing to take an elective course, so I opted for Introduction to Art History. Little did I know, that decision would change everything. Within a week, I was hooked. I was so taken by the world of art that I scheduled a meeting with the head of the art department, and within two weeks, I switched my major to art.


From then on, I was immersed in the art world. I spent my days in the studio, constantly researching and experimenting with different styles and mediums. It was during this time that I discovered some of my favorite artists, like Monet, Da Vinci, and Bernini. Their ability to carve their own paths in the art world by creating distinct new styles inspired me deeply. I knew I wanted to do the same and carve my own path in art.


After years of exploration, I finally found my own style. By studying these artists closely, I dissected what drew me to their work. I realized that by blending elements from each of their practices—Monet's impressionism, Da Vinci's sketches, and Bernini's dramatic realism— I could create something truly unique. This blend of impressionist, sketchy, and dramatic style can be seen in all of my latest works.


But my quest for style didn't end there. It extended to the framing of my art as well. My love for French architecture and ornate motifs evolved into a passion for ornate frames. However, I noticed a common problem: sometimes the frame overshadowed the artwork. I didn't want that to happen to my own pieces. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I believe that art should be the frame, and the frame should be the art. They should be one cohesive piece that enhances each other, so I started painting onto the frames.


My art isn't just about technique—it's about connection. Like your favorite song that speaks to your soul, I want my paintings to evoke that same feeling. Give you a sense of hope, love, happiness, or maybe even sadness. Whatever it may be, I want it to be unique to you! I invite you to immerse yourself in my work, connect with me, and most importantly keep spreading art.

Studio Shoot.PNG


Abby Elise Baker is a painter who works and lives in the small town of Grove City, just outside of Columbus, Ohio. Her art career started in late 2012 when she studied Fine Arts at The University of Dayton and learned to capture nature and figures in an abstract and organic way. In 2016, she received her bachelor's in business administration from The Ohio State University. While her education changed paths, her passion for the arts remained, and her work continued to grow and develop over the years by practicing in her home art studio.


Developing a deep passion for acrylic painting, her work now transcends temporal boundaries by extending her canvas artwork onto their ornate frames. This modern idea came to her when wanting to create something that was innovative, edgy, and timeless. In her compositions, she captures the emotions of nature that are relatable and fulfilling to its viewers, creating a sense of relation between nature and humans that is undeniable and comforting.


Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries, markets, and art festivals. Today her work can be viewed on her website and social accounts.


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