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Vos Besoins (Your Needs) by Abby Elise Baker

Vos Besoins by Abby Elise Baker

This weekend at the Columbus Arts Festival, I live-painted a new artwork, which now goes by the name Vos Besoins (which translates to "your needs" in English).

Little did I know, I would receive so many interested buyers before she was completed. Today, on the Monday after the festival, I am posting her for a 24-hour auction on social media. And with that, I know she will be leaving my studio soon. While this is always the goal, this one in particular is hard to let go...

I never planned on making a blog post on this work, and as you can see, this is currently my only post. But if any artwork deserved a write-up, it would be her.

She started out as a painting I wanted to try new color combinations with and keep experimenting with warm tones. As soon as I painted on the mauve-like base, I knew she was going to be much more than that!

Live painting can sound like an intimidating task, with all the eyes watching your every move, but it actually takes me away from the crowd for a bit. I am a true introvert but also love to interact with people. I just get my energy from a different place, instead of social settings. So to me, diving into an artwork while there in a crowd of people is almost therapeutic. It takes me back to my home studio. A place where things are calm, quiet, and soothing. Which is a feeling I also like to provide viewers when looking at my work and being in my vendor tent/booth.

So in a way, Vos Besoins became my way to cope with a very active and overstimulated environment. She stayed by my side. She witnessed every conversation, artwork sale, struggles, wins, and those in-betweens of the weekend. So it only felt right to keep her with me through the end of the festival. Selfishly to keep me calm, but also to give her a proper send-off when she was available to purchase.

With all that being said - THANK YOU.

Thank you to everyone who has been interested in purchasing her, and also thank you for your patience while I kept her for my needs. Because now, FINALLY, she is ready for your needs. :)

Auction will be live tonight (6.10.24) at 7pm EST on Instagram


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