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Summer Day

artwork for sale June 11th through September 23rd

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Holly Hammeren

"I am a local Ohioan artist, creating and sharing my work in Columbus for almost three years now. Most of my work is made with oil paint, but I have explored making watercolor, ink, and charcoal drawings as well. My art is mostly inspired by my worldly travels, most especially from the energy of an outdoor environment or human connection. I truly enjoy the freedom of sculpting my artistic style throughout the ebb and flow of seasons, so I hope that this show can emanate some of that warm aesthetic and bliss that comes with summertime!"

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Leanne Moore

"My work explores the relationship between human connection and object meaning. Form and function. I am influenced by the wonder of the natural world and how it is both beautiful and yet functional. The series, whistful blues, explores the wistful feeling of summer, and how we attempt to gather and hold onto fleeting joyful moments that are uncontainable, like bundles of flowers, fading over time. We can hold onto some of it to look on later with thankful wonder, but the lines will inevitably be blurred, beautiful and melancholic. "

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Chloe Richardson

Chloe is a self-taught, abstract artist. She started painting in late 2021 after feeling the pull of the canvas for several years, and has created almost every day since.


Fascinated by the unknown of abstract work, she lets each piece reveal itself and its individuality step-by-step. She’s continuously inspired by color, the seasons, and her every day surroundings, and she enjoys trying new techniques often to build her practice and skills.


The work she creates is intuitive and free-flowing. Each mark slowly builds off of the one before it and is carefully thought out based solely on feeling and instinct.

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Sydney Palmer

A Columbus photographer specializing in portraiture with an upcoming project called "Passage"; signifying and celebrating age and time. This is her first gallery!

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Samantha Little

Samantha Little is a mixed media artist who uses watercolor, acrylics & ink. In her spare time she enjoys listening to music, watching movies, and cooking. 

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Abby Elise Baker

Artist and owner of oiseau, creator of Art In Season, and lover of everything French! Her artwork is centered around happiness and combines quirky subject matter with bold colors and chic frames. She is always looking for the next business adventure, and enjoys growing as an artist and helping others live a creative lifestyle. 

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what is art in season?
Art In Season is a quarterly collection of artwork created by a community of emerging and established artists. Each collection will showcase artwork that is seasonally inspired and includes a variety of mediums!
how did art in season start?
In the art community it can be challenging to get started as an emerging artists, and get inspired as a seasoned artist! Abby knew first hand that getting into galleries, meeting other artists, and most importantly getting her work to people was not an easy task. After speaking with an art friend of hers, Holly Hammeren (featured in The Summer Collection) she realized that a lot of artists have the same issue! That is when the idea of Art In Season first came to Abby. She wanted to get a group of artists together to help one another grow and be inspired to create. The seasons have a way to drive inspiration, change moods, and alter how we live. It's a driving force that can constantly help our creativity! 
why is it seasonal?
The seasons have a way to drive inspiration, change moods, and alter how we live. It's a driving force that can constantly help our creativity! Having these collections seasonally helps artists with their inspiration, and allows them to have enough time to get creative and ready for the months ahead. 
can I buy the artwork in the collection?
YES!! This collection has a variety of artwork in all mediums for people to purchase! All the proceeds go directly to the artist and the transactions, shipping/pick-ups are handled by the artists. If you would like to purchase an artwork, please reach out to the artist via their Instagram account that is linked in their bio. 
who is invited to the collection launch parties?
Everyone! It is a public event to showcase the artwork and give the community the opportunity to meet the artists. 
when do the collections launch?
Each collection launch date will be provided on social media through the account! Make sure to follow along to hear when the next collection will be launching!
how can I get involved?
Art In Season is an opportunity that allows nominations for new artists for every seasonal launch! If you are interested in nominating someone, or yourself, please email for more information or fill out the form below
Autumn Leaves

Thank you for your nomination! We will be reaching out soon to each nominated artist.

nomination form for:

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